Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Guy To Work For


I heard this article on the afternoon drive yesterday and had a couple of thoughts. 

It's not looking good people.  We can put you in the smallest cage we can find but cheer up, at least you have a job.

I love this guy Panzer, a fitting name for a Schpleader:

Panzer says it's all fair game when you're looking to cut costs.
“The way we say it at our office: if you show me one company that's expanding I can show you five that are downsizing,” he says.
If workers aren't thrilled about all the downsizing, there might be some comfort in knowing that at least it's just their cubicles getting whacked, and not them.
Some comfort.  
Apparently all kinds of things can be inflicted on people, as long as Panzer isn't whacking them.  
I always say put enough mice in a small enough cage and they begin to eat each other, not the same as feeding off each other.

Comments after the article are worth reading too.

It's a target rich environment for Chief and me.

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N said...

I like the idea of having both communal and private spaces within an office. I think it's especially important to give introverts space to think, and more important for people like, say, autistic people or people who have anxiety disorders, who can be a great asset if they're good at what they do. But, if you force introverts or people who are sensitive to a lot of stimuli to work all day in a communal environment, they're not going to be able to function, and you could lose valuable assets to the company. Common sense seems to be in short supply (Ex.: the Panzer guy).

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