Thursday, May 02, 2013

I See Things The Way Fred Sees Them

Call me crazy.  But I'm not.

Fred Reed is the 21st Century H.L. Mencken.

Fred on terror.

The money shot:

It is truly slick. The terrorists don’t do serious damage to the attacked country. (The casualties in New York, unusually large for a terror attack, if folded into the year’s traffic casualties would hardly have been noticed.) They stimulate the victim society to damage itself. TSA, Homeland Security, militarized police, warrantless searches in train stations, ever-tightening electronic surveillance of citizens, neutering of the Constitution and the abrogation of civil rights: bin Laden didn’t do these things. He couldn’t possibly have done them.  He stimulated us to do them to ourselves. Genius.

1 comment:

bob said...

He is writing what I am thinking but do not have the talent to write myself. Great post.

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