Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS: "Please Detail the Content of Your Members' Prayers"

Ok people.  This investigation MUST find out who these people were that came up with these questions and why they were asked.  The American people deserve to know. 

This is completely outrageous. 

Happening right here in the United States of America by a massive government agency.  Stupid question of course.  Idiotic in fact.  Illegal certainly....

Does the worst tactics of the Soviet Union or Red China or Cambodia come to mind when you witness this these day?

Who developed these questions?   Who?  Who?

And do they still have a job with the government? 

Added:  I tracked down Schumer's (et. al's) letter to the IRS that was referenced.  They had every right to send it and ask for what they did, even though I consider all of them squirrils.

What the hell does "Social Welfare" mean anyway?

If the IRS was acting in response to this letter, they obviously took it to a ridiculous extreme. 

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bob said...

Obama wants to kill babies! He also does not want you to pray to the real Jesus--you know that white guy on the cross that hung in my parochial school classroom. Obama hates moms! Obama,Obama hates real Americans! He peeks when he counts during hide and seek. His poop isn't the same color as ours!

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