Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Newtie Needs Your Help

He obviously has time on his hands to ponder the puzzles of life and technology.  What a board meeting that must have been in talking about rolling out this video.  Leadership!  Profundity!

He knows so much about so much.  Ever impressing me with his innovative quandaries.  And not only that, democratizing his quest by asking the world, no less, what to call a smartphone.

I know, He'll love it...      Liberty in My Hand.   LIMH.  Pronounced "limb."  We'll make the H silent.

No wait - iLIMH

Scary thought.  He's serious about this.  And when Newt is serious...

Let me predict.  "Smartphone"  will not become unstuck by the likes of the Newtster.


1 comment:

bob said...

The first time I smoked pot was as a sophomore in high school. If I remember correctly this was the kind of conversations that were going on. If I ever get up the nerve to drop acid or eat mushrooms,I want Mr Newt there as my tour guide.

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