Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Father Has Left The Bleachers

Last night I left the special bleachers for the last time. They are the collective bleachers from where I had the privilege and pleasure to watch my son play team sports for over 13 years. They came to an abrupt end when we lost a playoff match 4-3 in sudden death after 25 minutes of overtime soccer. B. got the second of our three (of course!)

He played kiddie soccer, t-ball, coach pitch, machine pitch and quite a few seasons of recreation competitive baseball. And I just remembered a few all-star baseball teams.  He played 5 seasons of rec /church league basketball…two seasons with the Aiken Tigers football team, a season on his middle school’s football team, the Schofield Rams. He made the high school JV baseball team as an 8th grader and then played another year on JV’s as a freshman. He played on two summer league / travel baseball clubs. He played two years of rec co-ed soccer in high school, one year on his high school’s JV soccer team and two years as a varsity player for the Aiken Hornets.

It’s been a joy. Hours of joy. Hours of pleasure. I’m sure the pleasure comes to any parent that gets to watch their kids play sports. But my pleasure was particularly special because I got to see my son play with 100% of his effort and commitment every time he played. Every time. Every sport. Every time. I did nothing to instill this natural drive in him. He is one of the lucky natural athletes that also has the heart of a champion. But it is over. I’m sad that this chapter has closed. There are tears welling. I’m the proud Pop of  Burton Spencer Fine.


(I won't be able to let this go for a while.  There will probably be some verse about it.  Probably a chronology of pictures too.  Indulge mE.)

This just in.

  Photo credit:  Gary Smith

Do you see what I freak'n mean?  From his last game.  Obviously attempting to score.  I am certain that he is the shortest one in the bunch.


Andrea said...

I'm tearing up too....I remember that feeling you!

bob said...

Awesome post. The saying about growing up too fast is so,so true. I remember dropping my eldest off at college in St Louis, Cried like a baby when we drove away . Pride,happiness,the times I maybe could have done a little better,hope/fear for his future. Parenthood is the best/worst,sweetest/tartest thing ever. beautiful words Doug. God bless you.

Ray V. said...

Great of your best...

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