Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big News: Announcing

Lil' screenshot of our site.  Final build is taking place before our customers can start rating.  

I'm very excited to introduce to you, my 10 blog readers, a new business venture that my partner and I will be launching next month.  I'll share with you the email exchange that kicked the whole thing off 22 months ago.  

Future Partner (the smart one) asks his Future Partner (the simple one) via email:

Is this out there? We set up a website with a tool that any employee can use anonymously to evaluate leadership at his/her company.  We build a tool and employees pay a nominal fee to have a say in the matter.  Bosses evaluate you, and do so year after year, but no one really evaluates them, now it's your turn. We score and post the results.  We don't post anything slanderous, just company name, scores and "constructive" feedback.

The Future Partner (the simple one) immediately, without hesitation, answers the Future Partner (the smart one) back: 

You, my friend, may have completely hit the jackpot.  It is freaking brilliant. We can do this.  You think I'm the man?  No.  You are the man.  Let's talk tomorrow.  (It was 11:28 p.m.)  I say again, brilliant. We just have to make it tight and right and we can.  I will carry your bags on this.  You are CEO/President.  I can be VP of Marketing if you'll have me.  I know a pretty good web guy.  Have to track him down.  

So here we are 22 month later on the verge of launching a site that meets, and then some, the original vision of our CEO, the smart one.

I would be happy to field any questions via comments or my business email,

I'm sure I will be sharing more as we launch "softly" in July and then with a hard launch on this Boss's Day, October 16, 2013.  

Blog:  Please visit and link to our blog periodically if you would be willing to boost our business for us.  The Chief and I would like to share our journey with you and you might find it interesting to share with your readers.  You have more than 10.   

Facebook:  "Like" us please if you roll with FB.  "Share" us too.  Our soft launch is depending on social media to bring us customers.  With some revenue we can buy marketing leading up to Boss's Day.

We are bootstrappers. 

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